Cyber Monday Deals (with Coupon Codes!)

It’s officially holiday shopping season! Well, let’s be real… holiday sales started right after Halloween this year. But Cyber Monday is still a perfect time to stock up on gifts (or stuff for yourself) with steep discounts available at most etailers.

I scoured the Internet looking for awesome deals so that you don’t have to. So if you spent your weekend avoiding the mall or opting outside, here are some Cyber Monday sales you can check out from the peace and warmth of your couch.

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Best Drugstore Beauty Deals for Fall

I’m a sucker for makeup. I hardly wear any, and I don’t apply any of it correctly, but I love trying new products. It’s probably the dream that it’ll help me hide a flaw or reshape my features that makes me spend on new beauty products. Given my obsession, I’m all about the drug store products (I’d probably be poor otherwise; let’s be real). It’s so fun to experiment with a new look without spending a lot of money.

october drug store beauty favorites

I’ve learned over time that my sensitive skin can’t handle trying new foundations and concealer, but bronzer, eyeliner, and lipstick? Count me in. Here are my favorite beauty products this month:

best drugstore makeup deals

And what I love about these goes beyond just the price.

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How I Earn Money While Shopping

I’d been seeing the commercials on TV with “real life” moms and housewives talking about how they love getting paid to shop. But I’d never paid it any mind and immediately thought of Ebates as a scheme. It didn’t make sense to me. Recently one of my closest friends tried it and invited me to sign up. Before doing so, I searched for customer complaints to see if I could figure out how the scheme works. But instead I read about how Ebates is able to pay people to shop, and decided to give it a try.


What I found was amazing. Upon my first two purchases, I received a $10 Target gift card in the mail as a sign-up reward. I do a lot of online shopping, so within a few months, I’d earned over $30 in Ebates cash back. To my surprise, that check came in the mail without me having to do any extra work. And yes, the check cleared.

Now Ebates even enables you to earn cash back by shopping in store, simply by linking store discounts to your credit card and then purchasing with that credit card.

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