Fall Fashion Deals on Scarfs

Perhaps the best thing about blanket scarfs becoming more popular is that now it’s easier than ever to find them for a good deal! The last few years, I had to rely on Zara restocking (and dropping 50 bucks), or a generous eBay seller, but now these plaid blanket scarfs are everywhere from discount shops like Five Below to online boutiques — all at great prices.

fall scarf deals - plaid blanket scarfs

Here are some of my favorite scarf deals this fall:

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I Love the 90s

I heard that if you were alive and participating in a trend, you’re not really supposed to lean into it when it comes back around a decade or two later. And I tried to resist the resurgence of chokers, chunky shoes, and bold florals for a while… I really did. But after discovering this dress, I just couldn’t hold out any longer.

florals from mindy mae's market

I’m pretty damn sure I had this exact dress when I was seven, and honestly, sometimes it’s nice to feel like you’re in second grade again. Am I right, or…?!

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Mixing Textures for Fall

Someone once told me “fall looks so good on you” — and it was one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. I absolutely love the fall season. Everything from the colors, to the prints, to the textures… oh my god, the textures. It’s finally chilly enough to wear knits and leather booties, but still warm enough to wear flowy dresses and lace.

I recently picked up some basics that I’m sure will become staples of my fall wardrobe, and though I bought them all separately, I can’t help but love how they all look together too.


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Fall Wedding Style

This past weekend a couple of good friends got married in a lovely town in Pennsylvania. The weather was perfect for a wedding – sunny, clear and warm, with just a slight chill in the air. Fall weddings are my favorite because not only is the scenery outdoors beautiful and picturesque, but fall weddings call for wearing deep, rich colors – my favorite. Here is my look for the wedding celebration: an emerald green mermaid-style dress, chunky gold necklace, and strappy leather wedges.

Wedding Style

Fall Shoe Haul

One of the best things about summer changing to spring is buying new shoes to last through the colder months. Whether it’s leather booties for the daily commute and work day, comfortable lace-ups for the weekend errands to nights out, or sneakers for the super casual days, fall shoes are my favorite fashion item. Here’s what I bought for this 2014 season.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I have to admit, I used to be a huge ALDO shopper, but hadn’t been to crazy about their lines the past two years. This season, they’ve been my go-to shop for new shoes. What is your favorite place to shop for shoes this fall?