Cyber Monday Deals (with Coupon Codes!)

It’s officially holiday shopping season! Well, let’s be real… holiday sales started right after Halloween this year. But Cyber Monday is still a perfect time to stock up on gifts (or stuff for yourself) with steep discounts available at most etailers.

I scoured the Internet looking for awesome deals so that you don’t have to. So if you spent your weekend avoiding the mall or opting outside, here are some Cyber Monday sales you can check out from the peace and warmth of your couch.

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Fall Fashion Deals on Scarfs

Perhaps the best thing about blanket scarfs becoming more popular is that now it’s easier than ever to find them for a good deal! The last few years, I had to rely on Zara restocking (and dropping 50 bucks), or a generous eBay seller, but now these plaid blanket scarfs are everywhere from discount shops like Five Below to online boutiques — all at great prices.

fall scarf deals - plaid blanket scarfs

Here are some of my favorite scarf deals this fall:

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Deals on Designer Bags

I used to roll my eyes at designer bags, never thinking they were worth the huge price tag. But as I started working in a more corporate environment that appreciates a sophisticated look, I started keeping my eyes open for deals on higher quality bags.

I’m a firm believer that something you’ll keep forever or get a ton of use out of is worth a higher price tag, if you calculate price per wear (divide the price tag by the amount of times you use it). The beautiful construction of Coach bags and their soft leather is something that drew me to the brand, and the lack of large buckles or tacky bling keeps them looking simple and classy.

coach outlet deals

Luckily, they have outlets where you can snag major discounts on their bags, wallets, clothing, and accessories — even above 50% off. And even better, they have an online Coach outlet that occasionally runs flash sales for all members. All you have to do is create an account (for free) and make sure you get the emails. Here are some of my current favorites in the Coach outlet’s sale.

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