I Love the 90s

I heard that if you were alive and participating in a trend, you’re not really supposed to lean into it when it comes back around a decade or two later. And I tried to resist the resurgence of chokers, chunky shoes, and bold florals for a while… I really did. But after discovering this dress, I just couldn’t hold out any longer.

florals from mindy mae's market

I’m pretty damn sure I had this exact dress when I was seven, and honestly, sometimes it’s nice to feel like you’re in second grade again. Am I right, or…?!

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Mixing Textures for Fall

Someone once told me “fall looks so good on you” — and it was one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. I absolutely love the fall season. Everything from the colors, to the prints, to the textures… oh my god, the textures. It’s finally chilly enough to wear knits and leather booties, but still warm enough to wear flowy dresses and lace.

I recently picked up some basics that I’m sure will become staples of my fall wardrobe, and though I bought them all separately, I can’t help but love how they all look together too.


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9 Sneakers You Can Wear to Work

Comfort is key for those 14-hour days at the office. But we can’t exactly all show up to work in our running sneakers and pencil skirt (and if you can, consider yourself one of the lucky ones). Striking the right balance between not feeling your feet ache and impressing the boss with your outfit is tough, but fortunately many designers are catching on to the sneaker trend.

Here are 9 sneakers that are super comfy and still stylish enough to be work appropriate.


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What to Wear to Your Office Holiday Party

There’s no better time to mingle with coworkers and network with executives than the office holiday party. But even though it is a party for fun and festivities, it’s still so important to make sure that you’re appropriate around your coworkers.

Don’t stress! Here are some ideas of what you could wear to your office’s holiday party – to show your fun side while still maintaining your professionalism.

What do you plan on wearing to your office holiday party this year? Are you sticking to a festive sweater and skirt, or going bold with sequin accents?

Originally posted by me on the FindSpark blog.

Fall Wedding Style

This past weekend a couple of good friends got married in a lovely town in Pennsylvania. The weather was perfect for a wedding – sunny, clear and warm, with just a slight chill in the air. Fall weddings are my favorite because not only is the scenery outdoors beautiful and picturesque, but fall weddings call for wearing deep, rich colors – my favorite. Here is my look for the wedding celebration: an emerald green mermaid-style dress, chunky gold necklace, and strappy leather wedges.

Wedding Style

Fall Shoe Haul

One of the best things about summer changing to spring is buying new shoes to last through the colder months. Whether it’s leather booties for the daily commute and work day, comfortable lace-ups for the weekend errands to nights out, or sneakers for the super casual days, fall shoes are my favorite fashion item. Here’s what I bought for this 2014 season.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I have to admit, I used to be a huge ALDO shopper, but hadn’t been to crazy about their lines the past two years. This season, they’ve been my go-to shop for new shoes. What is your favorite place to shop for shoes this fall?

Wardrobe Must Haves for 2013


Welcome the new year with new wardrobe staples. The 13 items that you’ll wear all throughout this year are (1) perfect-fit tee, (2) infinity scarf, (3) oversized cardigan, (4) brightly colored oxfords, (5) skinniest colored jeans, (6) crewneck pullover, (7) suede hidden wedges, (8) maxi skirt, (9) chambray shirt, (10) large bright satchel, (11) boot socks, (12) fitted blazer, and (13) bright flats.

I’ve found examples of the 13 must-haves for 2013 for you to shop, and in Sensible Style fashion, they’re all $50 or under!

  1. Perfect Fit V-Neck Tee by J.Crew $14.99
  2. Infinity Scarf by Practical Impact $34.00
  3. Melange Cardigan by H&M $29.95
  4. FOLIROLI by ALDO $20.00
  5. Jegging by American Eagle $44.99
  6. Pique Raglan Pullover by American Apparel $32.00
  7. ZINGG Wedges by ALDO $50.00
  8. Convertible Knit Maxi Skirt by Merona $24.99
  9. Cora Denim Shirt by Alloy $32.90
  10. TINNIN by ALDO $31.49
  11. Solid Knee-High Sock by American Apparel $10.00
  12. Figure-Fit Jacket by H&M $40.00
  13. OSTLIE by ALDO $30.00