About the Blog and Amanda Irel

The Sensible Style is an outlet for those striving to look fashionable and keep up with the latest trends, despite living on a budget. It’s about shopping for deals, finding great attire when you can’t always afford a designer label sewn into the collar. It’s about creating things with cheap materials and your own two hands that are more meaningful than, and just as nice as, something you’d buy in a store. It’s about living a fulfilling life without emptying your wallet.

I’m Amanda Irel, a twenty-something New York native.


I’ve built my career planning digital and direct marketing for global brands, with a stint creating social content for WWE. But, a former child model, I’ve always been interested in fashion… and finding a great deal, hence The Sensible Style.

I’m also finally bringing a decade old dream to fruition — by creating quirky basic apparel items for people with an adventurous spirit and passion to live life on their own terms. Please check out my items in prodigal shop!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find something helpful or inspiring, and I’m looking forward to connecting with you!



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