I’d been seeing the commercials on TV with “real life” moms and housewives talking about how they love getting paid to shop. But I’d never paid it any mind and immediately thought of Ebates as a scheme. It didn’t make sense to me. Recently one of my closest friends tried it and invited me to sign up. Before doing so, I searched for customer complaints to see if I could figure out how the scheme works. But instead I read about how Ebates is able to pay people to shop, and decided to give it a try.


What I found was amazing. Upon my first two purchases, I received a $10 Target gift card in the mail as a sign-up reward. I do a lot of online shopping, so within a few months, I’d earned over $30 in Ebates cash back. To my surprise, that check came in the mail without me having to do any extra work. And yes, the check cleared.

Now Ebates even enables you to earn cash back by shopping in store, simply by linking store discounts to your credit card and then purchasing with that credit card.

Since discovering that Ebates is actually real, and how easy it is, I’ve decided to tell anyone who will listen about the platform. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up and create an account with your mailing address and email address. (Make sure they’re correct because this is where your checks will be mailed.)
  • Install a browser plug-in that makes it easier to shop. The Ebates plug-in for Firefox shows a green bar across the top of any page that is Ebates-eligible. You’ll simply click the button in the bar and the cash back will sync to your account upon checkout.
  • If you don’t want the plug-in, you can just search Ebates.com for an ecommerce site and click-through their listing to sync your cash back.

Try it out using my referral code! You’ve got nothing to lose. What are some other ways you earn rewards while shopping?






This post is not sponsored by Ebates. They don’t even know I exist.


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