Having curly hair for most of my life, it’s been an uphill battle towards appreciating my ringlets. I would cry and cry as a child, asking my mom why my hair was so different than all the other girls at school. As a teenager, I’d love using a flat iron to straighten my hair, until I finally got it Japanese straightened. Four times.

Japanese straightening is the only straightening mechanism that will keep tough curly hair straight and frizz free (until roots start growing in). It doesn’t fade or wash out over time, and can only be reversed by growing out your hair.

Tips for Growing Out Japanese Hair Straightening

Not long after the fourth and most recent time I did this process did I began missing my curls. I’ve realized that my hair supports my personality, and I feel more comfortable when I let my natural curls go free.

For the past year, I’ve been growing out my Japanese straightening, patiently waiting for my curls to come back. We all know curly hair seems to grow super slowly, so here are my 5 tips to growing out your Japanese straightening.

  1. Time it just right. I made the mistake of growing my hair out over the summer, but if you let the bulk of the growing happen over winter, you can wear hats which hide the awkward curly roots. Invest in a good wool fedora, fitted cap, and knit beanie for starters. If you do still have growth happening during summer, try wearing a wide cotton headband or headscarf over your roots.
  2. Take Biotin every day. This supplement is a miracle worker. Taking one every day for three months helped my hair to grow about 4-5 inches, which is quicker than the normal 2 inches it would have grown in that time frame.
  3. Change your diet. I don’t know the science behind whether or not this is proven, but I do know that it worked for me. Ditching sweets and fast food for a diet consisting mostly of vegetables, chicken, and fruit helped my hair grow in healthier and softer.
  4. Try new hairstyles. One way to begin embracing your curls while they’re growing in is to try some new hairstyles that hide the straight pieces, without making you look like a mess. Try pulling your hair back into a low messy bun, instead of the top knot, leaving the top part loose enough to show off your curls. The low messy bun will keep your straight pieces hidden. You can also pull your curls into twists to make them look neater while they’re growing in.
  5. Use a little heat. As your curls start to out-measure your straight hair, you can use a curling iron the curl the ends of your hair. The key is to use the iron on small pieces, and then pull apart the curled pieces with your fingers to blend them in to your natural hair better. You might need a lot of hairspray on the tips to have the curls stay in, which is why this option shouldn’t be the one you typically resort to.

Tips for Growing Out Japanese Hair StraighteningAfter a year of following these 5 tips, my hair is almost fully grown to the length I like it, with only one inch of straight pieces left. So tonight, I decided to cut off the remaining straight pieces so that I can finally wear my hair curly again without any fuss.

While I don’t recommend giving yourself a haircut, hopefully the 5 tips help you to more easily grow out your Japanese straightening. How do you your hair to grow quickly?


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